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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Summary (29 Feb 2012)

Lisa Scroggins
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Lisa Scroggins - Open Salon
Lisa Scroggins [43895:I]. Add as Favorite; Send message; RSS. Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA; Birthday: May 21. Bio: Working as a CPA, while fighting MS and ...

Verdict tossed in Culpeper '96 death
Richmond Times Dispatch
Hash was convicted of capital murder in the 1996 slaying of 74-year-old Thelma B. Scroggins [36952]. Hash was 15 years old at the time of the slaying. It is the second Virginia capital murder conviction tossed out by a federal judge in part for prosecutorial ...

Algertha Scroggins
Mrs. Algertha Scroggins
The Texas Mass Choir. Mrs. Algertha Scroggins [tba]. Links to Related Sites. GOSPEL MUSIC WORKSHOP OF AMERICA · THE WORD NETWORK (24 Gospel TV) ...

Dancers bring home trophies
Carroll County News
Those dancers were Krystal Hipps, Kendra Hughes, Alyssa Lee, Kaylin Rains, Alyvia Scroggins, and Madeline Vincent. The Pre-Teen Hip Hop Duo/Trio placed second in "Mix It UP", danced by Lyndsay Anglin, Kassidy Bell, & Trinity Rains.

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [34587],Scroggins, Bertha L., Mathis, 85998011,3 Jun 1911,31 Oct 1994,Hopewell Cemetery,Medina,Gibson County,Tennessee, USA,13600,35.80360 -88.74060
  • [s/34586],Scroggins, Infant Son,, 85998059,30 Oct 1928,30 Oct 1928,Hopewell Cemetery,Medina,Gibson County,Tennessee, USA,13600,35.80360 -88.74060
  • [34586],Scroggins, James T.T.,, 85997978,4 Oct 1902,3 Nov 1973,Hopewell Cemetery,Medina,Gibson County,Tennessee, USA,13600,35.80360 -88.74060

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summary (28 Feb 2012)

KREK's Dustry Edwards Passes Away At Age 49
All Access Music Group
... one brother, DONALD SHORTY SCHMIDT; one sister, GIDGET MILLER and her husband SCOTT; one granddaughter, MIKAYLA SCHMIDT; one grandbaby on the way; two nieces, AMBER SCROGGINS [tba] and her husband, ERIC [tba] and HANNAH MILLER; and one nephew, EDWARD SCHMIDT.

ESG in its current incarnation
The Dance-Punk Pioneers of ESG Are Calling It Quits: Their Journey Through the ...
SF Weekly (blog)
ESG got its start in the late '70s as a family band consisting originally of Renee [36591], Valerie [36590], and Marie [36593] Scroggins. Based in the South Bronx, the group formed at the insistence of their mother [36589], who believed that music would keep the girls out of mischief ...

2012 Cardboard Boat Regatta | Campus Recreation
By Benny Scroggin
FEBRUARY 28, 2012By BENNY SCROGGIN [tbc] Comments. 2012 Cardboard Boat Regatta February 24, 2012 – Donaghey Student Center Aquatic Center Campus Recreation's Homecoming Cardboard Boat Regatta awarded prizes for most ...

Catrina L Scroggins | The Michael Group Real Estate | Dallas - TX ...
Catrina L Scroggins [tba] real estate broker, agent or sales agent from The Michael Group Real Estate, located in Dallas, TX. Online profile on Real-Estate-Agents- TX.

Charles Gary Scroggins
Charles Gary Scroggins, age 63 of Sunbright – Tuesday, February ...
Charles Gary Scroggins [s/43473:J], age 63 of Sunbright, Tennessee went home to be with Jesus on Sunday, February 26, 2012. He is preceded in death by daughter: Lisa, ...
Scroggins, Charles Gary (15 Jan 1949 - 26 Feb 2012) [51423:J].

Court reverses murder verdict
Hash, who was 19 when sentenced to life in prison without parole, was convicted in the shooting death of Thelma Scroggins [tba], an elderly Lignum resident.

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [tba],Perkins,Lalla,Scroggins,85873503,5 May 1905,4 Jan. 1967,Holland Cemetery,Holland,Bell County,Texas,USA,,
  • [34306:Q],Scroggins,Gilbert La Verne,,85938221,21 Apr 1918,5 Oct. 1990,Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery,Los Angeles,Los Angeles County,California,USA,,
  • [48719:Q?],Scroggins,James M.,,85938222,27 Mar 1910,25 Mar 1979,Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery,Los Angeles,Los Angeles County,California,USA,,
  • [tbc-poss/8499:H],Scroggins,Luther Fred,,85938223,22 Oct 1893,31 Jan 1958,Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery,Los Angeles,Los Angeles County,California,USA,,
  • [tba],Hammil,Lincey,Scrogin,83238426,10 Mar. 1883,22 Feb 1919,Efferess Cemetery,Drew County,Arkansas,USA,,
  • [21679:J],Hunter,Maude M.,Scrogin,84033311,1886,1 Dec. 1976,Findlay Cemetery,Findlay,Shelby County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [2273:J],Scrogin,Alfred,,84178923,12 Apr. 1844,2 Jan. 1917,Lexington Cemetery,Lexington,McLean County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [2210:J],Scrogin,Charles P.,,84179241,1866,1938,Lexington Cemetery,Lexington,McLean County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [2277:J],Scrogin,Clara M,,84591031,3 May 1853,1 Jun. 1906,Chenoa Cemetery,Chenoa,McLean County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [2271:J],Scrogin,Clara, Mahan,84179291,1882,1954,Lexington Cemetery,Lexington,McLean County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [2274:J],Scrogin,Ellen M.,,84179133,17 Nov. 1845,29 Dec. 1929,Lexington Cemetery,Lexington,McLean County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [21677:J],Scrogin,Emma Ruth,,85513867,26 Jun. 1878,17 Feb 1942,Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery,Glendale,Los Angeles County,California,USA,,
  • [21682:J],Scrogin,Everette S.,,84061914,1893,1962,Findlay Cemetery,Findlay,Shelby County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [40600]],Scrogin,Fern,,84733648,11 May 1895,14 Nov. 1969,Newkirk Cemetery,Newkirk,Kay County,Oklahoma,USA,,
  • [40609],Scrogin,Frank,,84733665,9 Nov. 1889,21 Sep. 1980,Newkirk Cemetery,Newkirk,Kay County,Oklahoma,USA,,
  • [40641:J],Scrogin,George C,,84399807,1855,1908,Hoisington Cemetery,Hoisington,Barton County,Kansas,USA,,
  • [41420:J],Scrogin,Helen Marie,,84399808,1907,1907,Hoisington Cemetery,Hoisington,Barton County,Kansas,USA,,
  • [2276:J],Scrogin,Henry L,,84590935,18 Jul. 1851,3 Feb 1919,Chenoa Cemetery,Chenoa,McLean County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [41419:J],Scrogin,Herbert,,84399809,1902,1902,Hoisington Cemetery,Hoisington,Barton County,Kansas,USA,,
  • [18475:J],Scrogin,Ida Dickerson,,84061853,1864,Jan. 1944,Findlay Cemetery,Findlay,Shelby County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [tba],Scrogin,infant,,85801723,unknown,unknown,Bruceville Cemetery,Bruceville,Knox County,Indiana,USA,,
  • [41418:J],Scrogin,Jennie L,,84399810,1863,1905,Hoisington Cemetery,Hoisington,Barton County,Kansas,USA,,
  • [2231:J],Scrogin,John A.,,84061833,1864,1949,Findlay Cemetery,Findlay,Shelby County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [2212:J],Scrogin,Joseph H.,,85801704,17 May 1836,31 Jan. 1907,Bruceville Cemetery,Bruceville,Knox County,Indiana,USA,,
  • [2139:J],Scrogin,Julia E,, 83512444,16 Nov. 1822,unknown,Scroggins Cemetery,Martinsville,Morgan County,Indiana,USA,,
  • [2090:J],Scrogin,Levin Polk,,84178693,1823,1898,Lexington Cemetery,Lexington,McLean County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [2213:J],Scrogin,Nancy J.,,85801716,24 Jul. 1837,25 Feb 1925,Bruceville Cemetery,Bruceville,Knox County,Indiana,USA,,
  • [21681:J],Scrogin,Orville,,84077136,1888,1964,Findlay Cemetery,Findlay,Shelby County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [21685:J],Scrogin,Pearl,,84077067,1887,1969,Findlay Cemetery,Findlay,Shelby County,Illinois,USA,,
  • [tba],Scrogings,Richard F,,85677579,1878,27 Apr. 1962,Saint Johns Cemetery,San Mateo,San Mateo County,California,USA

Monday, February 27, 2012

Summary (27 Feb 2012)

Hunter Scroggins (left)
Hunter Scroggins
FFA travels to compete; Scroggins heads to Sacramento to ...
From left are FFA livestock judges Hunter Scroggins [s/40882, fb], Joelle Clay, Kaylee Ryan, and Ryan DeBusk after their victory in Arizona. Photo contributed. Ryan DeBusk ...

Rex D. Sturgeon, 63
Muncie Star Press
... WA; two brothers, Lloyd Sturgeon, (wife, Maria), of Killien, TX, and, Jerry Scroggins, (wife, Debbie), of Lebannon; a sister, Joyce Johnson, of Muncie; and best friends, Rick and Carmelita Gibbs, of Muncie; and several nieces and nephews.

Retirement Reception Scheduled for Dr. Scroggins – KHOZ Local ...
A retirement reception is planned for Dr. Sam Scroggins [42113] from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on March 8, on the first floor of the North Arkansas Regional Medical Center patient ...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Summary (26 Feb 2012)

Montrose Borough Meeting Walk-Out | Shaleshock Media
By Vera Scroggins
License. Creative Commons License Montrose Borough Meeting Walk-Out is licensed by Vera Scroggins under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Landyn Scroggins obituary
INFANT LANDYN DEWAYNE SCROGGINS, of Jamestown, passed away on Friday, February 24, 2012 at CUMBERLAND MEDICAL CENTER. Funeral service ...
Louisville Notebook
By Archambeau
I had a great time swapping memories of John Matthias with Vincent Sherry, and talking smack about contemporary poetry with Mark Scroggins, and hearing Norman Finkelstein describe the bottle-green corduroy suits of yore, but I think the ...
Goodbye to 'best gig in newsroom'
Fresno Bee
But Kasparian remembered the cafe from the mid-1950s on Tulare Street near the Meux Home, and with those clues, Fresno County librarian Melissa Scroggins found the owners' names in an old city directory: Arthur and
Gladys Buller.

Fore You: Happenings around the Valley for the local golfer
Fresno Bee
... (179) & George Rodriguez (159) 49; T2nd Mo Anderson & Harold Yick (179) 43; T2nd Cliff Hawkins & Blind Draw (179) 43; 4th Doug Hansen & Brian Ohde (179) 41; 5th Rich Degiovanni & Lloyd Schmidt (179) 40; 6th Jim Scroggin & Jerry Long (175) 38.
Rick Scroggins |
Rick is a Sonoma local that any skater could identify. He is a true skater in heart. Now you can get to know Rick and the rest of the Sonoma Old School skate ...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Summary (25 Feb 2012)

Renita Scroggin
Renita L. Scroggins, REALTOR® -Houston, TX 77047 with RE/MAX ..
Renita L. Scroggins [49375], a member of the Houston Association of REALTORS, provides real estate services and real estate information. Visit Renita L. Scroggins's ...

Dean Scroggins Olds « Family Picture Box
Archive for the tag "Dean Scroggins Olds" [36715:M]. Melvin Olds, Dean Scroggins Olds, Mary Frances Olds Ingram, Doug Ingram. February 7, 2012 ...
Dean Scroggins Olds
& Melvin Olds

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  • [tba],Scroggins, Terry,, 85704562,22 Apr 1953,25 Feb 2012,No cemetery-Click name for details

Friday, February 24, 2012

Summary (24 Feb 2012)

Sumner School plaque stolen
Topeka Capital Journal
By Ann Marie Bush A plaque designating the former Sumner Elementary School as a National Historic Landmark has been stolen, said community activist CE Sonny Scroggins. “It is wrong,” Scroggins said. “I don't understand.

Tammany Talk: Food and music a popular combo this week
25 in Slidell are shown, front from left, Michael Pagones, Joshua Scroggins; middle row, Jonathan Koeppel, Dreux Lebourgeois, Robynn Davenport; and back, Gwen Ducre, Simon Haines and Joey Goedtel. If that
doesn't satisfy your appetite, then travel to ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [36236],Scroggins, Arlene Marie, Jacobs, 85627140,9 Dec1934,22 Feb 2012,Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield,Sangamon County,Illinois, USA,105017,39.83220 -89.55780
  • [39710], Scroggins, James M., , 85658664,1 Nov.1922,15.Jan 1992,Carter Cemetery,Dardanelle,Yell County Arkansas, USA,2190873,34.96267 -93.18672

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Summary (23 Feb 2012)

Education History for Dr. Carroll D. Scroggin, MD - Hematology ...
Education information for Dr. Carroll D. Scroggin [47372:N], including Medical School, Residency and Fellowship.

Kenneth E. Scroggins
Kenneth E. Scroggins [s/32282:K, f/38166:K, f/48654]. 1947 - 2012. Kenneth E. Scroggins, 64, of Blue Eye,
Mo., formerly of Forbes, Mo., passed away on February 12, 2012 at a
Springfield, ...

David C QPD Blotter for 2/23
Quincy Journal
David C Scroggins [tba], 41, Ewing, MO for FTA-Small Claims. He was located at 10/State and lodged.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summary (22 Feb 2012)

The Flint Journal -
Jonathan Scroggins is another fighter who will compete in the Golden Gloves from the FWC boxing club. Scroggins defeated Mike Ramos in 2011 with a 3-2 decision to capture a district title in the 165-pound open division. Those two will square off again ...

Bentley C & Ayana M. (Briggs) Scroggins obituary
Bentley Cole [tna] and Ayana Marie [tba] Briggs-Scroggins infant twins died Thursday, February 16, 2012 at Akron General Medical Center. They were preceded in death ...

Scroggins Plumbing of Kentucky | Home & Garden | Downtown ...
Scroggins Plumbing of Kentucky | Home & Garden. Scroggins Plumbing of Kentucky. Scroggins Plumbing of Kentucky. There is no job too small...

SPC Theatre to present 'The Perils of Scaramouche'
... Max Duane as Scaramouche; Coleman Scroggins [tba] as Pantalone; Josh Walters as Dottore; Jake Quintanilla as Capitano; Bianca Bealmear as Columbina; Anna Hogan as Arlechinno; Anna M. Waldrip as Fontina; Jaclyn Diaz as Tartaglia; Kelley Knotts as Ortinsia ...

'Today's THV at Noon': Union Rescue Mission's 'Night on the Street'
Today's THV
The event will be held on Thursday, March 15 at the River Market Pavilions. If you are interested in joining or becoming a corporate sponsor, you're asked to contact Michelle Scroggins 44683, fb] at 501-370-0808 or email her at

Arlene Marie Scroggins
Memorial Obituaries Scroggins, Arlene
Memorial for Arlene Marie Scroggins [36236]. Born in Malden, MA on Dec. 9, 1934. Departed on Feb. 22, 2012 and resided in Springfield, IL. Visitation: Sunday, Feb.

SwingReader | 8 Iron | Ray Scroggins
SwingReader is a set of mobile apps that allow athletes to analyze their swing biomechanics and share videos with their peers, coaches, or students.>

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [45096:K],Scroggin, Lewis Albert,, 85513858
    b. Apr. 12, 1880 d. Mar. 2, 1952,Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Glendale,Los Angeles County,California, USA,7974,34.12511 -118.25244 
  • [w/45096:K?]],Scroggin, May,, 85513859,4 Jun.1883,22 Aug 1973, Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Glendale,Los Angeles County,California, USA,7974,34.12511 -118.25244 
  • [tba],Scroggins, Amos LG,, 85561237,1928,1938,Fairhaven Memorial Park,Santa Ana
    Orange County,California, USA,7965,33.77272 -117.84278 
  • [31524],Scroggins, Edith Mary, Foster, 85513860,10 Aug 1907,15 Sep 1984,Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Glendale,Los Angeles County,California, USA,7974,34.12511 -118.25244 
  • [30666],Scroggins, Henry,, 85513861,28 Dec1910,22 Nov 1979,Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Glendale,Los Angeles County,California, USA,7974,34.12511 -118.25244  
  • [tba],Scroggins, Maxine,, 85561380,1939,1942,Fairhaven Memorial Park,Santa Ana
    Orange County,California, USA,7965,33.77272 -117.84278 
  • [tba],Scroggins, Priscilla V.,, 85513862,28 Dec 1942,20 Jun 1999,Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Glendale,Los Angeles County,California, USA,7974,34.12511 -118.25244

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Summary (21 Feb 2012)

Pa. Speakers at Vestal Town Board
Vestal Residents for Safe Energy (VeRSE), as concerned citizens of Vestal, have asked Vera Scroggins  [50187, fb] and Craig Stevens to share what fracking is like, based on their first-hand experience in Bradford and Susquehanna Counties in Pennsylvania.

Reading Choral Society demonstrates breadth of modern American music
Debra Scroggins [37801:N, fb], a personal friend of Hopkins', composed "The Lamb," from a William Blake poem. The group has performed it before, and because it is such a beautiful a cappella piece, they "encored" it for this concert. Finally, Hoskins explained the ...

Vilonia students gain valuable business experience
Log Cabin Democrat
She was on duty Friday afternoon interacting with the 10 or so seniors,
including Krystal Garrett, Kara Martin, Rebecca Kirby, Caleb Judd, Hunter
Scroggins [tba], Paige Davis, Ryan Clingan, Aaron Little and Amber Stockton, as
they worked.

Anti-Walmart Group Hires Attorneys to Investigate Suit Against Retailer
Both work out of Atlanta, Stack with Stack & Associates and Shelton with
Scroggins Goodman. Neither could be reached immediately for comment
Thursday evening. The attorneys are working to gather county documents on
the planned Walmart and the larger ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [37159],Scroggins, Jack L,, 85310431,14 Jun 1949,12 Nov 2006,Saint Mary Cemetery,Delaware,Delaware County,Ohio, USA,2149409,40.28555 -83.06893
  • [tba],Scroggins, John David,, 85308948,1 Apr 1929,26 Oct 1998,Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery,Tillmans Corner,Mobile County,Alabama, USA,24477,30.59169 -88.18380

Monday, February 20, 2012

Summary (20 Feb 2012)

Mark the Spot
Bolivar Herald Free Press
Last week's photo of the front steps at Fair Play Elementary School were correctly identified by Emmily Bolen, Greg Bass, Dustin Kessler, Shannon Scroggins, Peggy Johnson, Courtney Welch and Danny Morrison. Do you know where this is?

POLICE REPORTS: Lufkin Daily News
Arrests and charges included: Richard Robledo, 39, public intoxication accident involving damage; Brandi Lamb, 23, assault/family violence; Richard Gregory II, 23, assault/family violence; Derrick Dewalt, 27, Class
C warrants; Marlena Scroggins [43501], 34, three Class C warrants; and Lewis Ike Bookman, 21, no driver’s license. ...

Alabama Silo (draft) on Vimeo
Benny Scroggin's videos; Staff Picks. 8. Alabama Silo (draft). by Benny Scroggin [, fb, tw]. 1 day ago ...

Johnnie Scroggins | Obituary
Floral Haven offers the finest and most complete selection of Cemetery, Funeral and Cremation options to create truly personalized service for Tulsa and Broken ...

Aliah Scroggins (Right)
Local boxing star Claressa 'T-Rex' Shields 'feels good to be back in Flint' as ...
The Flint Journal -
By Eric Woodyard | Enlarge Ryan Garza | Ryan Garza | (left to right) Madison Williams and Aliah Scroggins laugh while looking at a caricature of their friend, Flint's unbeaten amateur boxer Claressa ...

Scroggins Clark Wedding - Your Hub
Mary Dale Clark of Highlands Ranch and Michael Scroggins of Twineham
England will marry on March 2, 2012. They will reside in Highlands Ranch.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Summary (19 Feb 2012)

Mark Scroggins
The Elder Mark Scroggins Memorial Scholarship Fund
Purpose: To honor the legacy of Elder Mark Scroggins  [37397] by providing scholarships to young men and women to enrich their lives and talents as they pursue a ...

JESSICA RAE SCROGGINS [50122, fb] Arrest Mugshot St. Petersburg FL ...
booking no: 1490142 in Pinellas County, St. Petersburg, FL dated 2/16/2012 for charges possession of alprazolam.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Summary (18 Feb 2012)

8Release of eastern Oregon killer who dismembered wife alarms sisters of victim
He is one of about 60 Oregon prison inmates convicted of murder that fall into that category, said Jay Scroggin [49589:K?], spokesman for the three-member Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. Richardson pleaded
guilty to murder and abuse early in ...

Police Blotter
Kankakee Daily Journal
Agents of KAMEG -- the Kankakee Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group -- arrested Elijah J. Scroggins [47041], age 23, of 550 S. Nelson Ave., after making four purchases of cocaine with a total street value of about $21000.
Scroggins is charged with 3 counts of ...

Jeff Scroggins Interview ~ 11.Feb.2012 ~ (Fireball Mail) - YouTube
Jeff Scroggins [tba.fb, fb] allowed me the opportunity to sit down with him and ask some questions. It was ...

Brittany Scroggins
Brittany Scroggins (brittscroggs) on Pinterest
Brittany Scroggins [47602:C, fb]. 57 followers, 75 following · Profile Picture of Brittany Scroggins. Link to Facebook Account; Link to RSS Feed. 7 Boards · 24 Pins · 28 Likes ...

Farewell to a classic: Karl Scroggin to retire from WUIS
The State Journal-Register
WUIS classical music host Karl Scroggin [37328:K, fb] speaks live to his radio audience from WUIS Studio A. Photo by David Spencer/The State Journal-Register. By TAMARA BROWNING When: 4 to 7 pm March 29. Speakers will talk briefly around 5 pm Hosting a public radio ...

Business buzz
Tuscaloosa News
-William O. Scroggins [49300, fb], a financial advisor with VALIC Financial Advisors in
Tuscaloosa, has earned the Certified Financial Planner designation, which
signifies he has met the experience and ethics requirements of the CFP
Board of Standards and passed ...

Funeral listings (Feb. 19)
Times Record News
SCROGGINS, Jerry K. [46942:C], 70, of Vernon. Funeral services at 11 am Tuesday at
the First Assembly of God Church. Burial in Eastview Cemetery. Visitation
from 6 to 8 pm Monday at Sullivan Funeral Home, Vernon. THANE, Joe Ann, 68.

Dawn Scroggins (dosnie) on Pinterest
Profile Picture of Dawn Scroggins [38992, fb]. Link to Facebook Account; Link to RSS
Feed. 8 Boards · 44 Pins · 3 Likes. Drag around your boards to reorder
them ↓Cancel ...>

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [28885],Scroggins, Andrew W.,, 85144612,29 Aug 1865,20 Aug 1905,Mount Zion Methodist Churvh Cemetery,Ragland,St. Clair County,Alabama, USA,1921539,33.80976 -86.11521
  • [28932],Scroggins, Bessie D.B.,, 85144634,15 Aug 1875,15 Aug 1939,Mount Zion Methodist Churvh Cemetery,Ragland,St. Clair County,Alabama, USA,1921539,33.80976 -86.11521
  • [tba].Curvin, Ola Lucille 'Ollie', Scroggins, 62277485,8 Nov 1903,27 May 1968,Crook Cemetery,St. Clair County,Alabama, USA,2213618,,daughter of Ansil Scroggins and Jenny Martin

Friday, February 17, 2012

Summary (17 Feb 2012)

Delano Dale Scroggins
Scroggins Lewd Case Filed
Bartlesville Radio
50-year-old Delano Dale Scroggins [tba] has been charged with lewd or indecent proposals to a child under 16. According to a court affidavit, the victim who was 14 at the time of the incident was with Scroggins at a home on
North Ross Street in Dewey.

Man arrested for alleged lewd, indecent proposal to 14-year-old
Hugo resident Dale D. Scroggins, 50, now facing a charge of lewd or indecent proposals or acts to a child under 16, was arrested Thursday on a felony warrant issued in 2010. According to the case affidavit, filed in
Washington County District Court in ...

Melany Scroggins
Melodies Soul Stories/Melany Scroggins / CD Baby - eMusic
Sad Eyes (Melodies Soul Stories) · Melany Scroggins. 2011 | Melodies Soul Stories/Melany Scroggins / CD Baby. Play · Member Price $0.49 ...
Keith News
The Navasota Examiner
Happy birthday tp the following ...; Mary Jane Williams Scroggins and Dianna Compian Morgan, Feb. 14; ...

Trent Scroggins (front center)
On Top of the News - The Madison Courier Daily Newspaper ...
Shawe Memorial High School sophomore Trent Scroggins (front center) and the “ Topper ... Last year Scroggins created "Topper 4 News," a website dedicated to ...

Jerry K. Scroggins
Times Record News
Mr. Scroggins was a self-employed truck driver. Survivors include one daughter, Jeri Campbell of Atlanta, Texas; one son, Jay Scroggins of Vernon; three grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. Visitation will be
from 6 to 8 pm Monday at the funeral ...

William Wilson Scroggins
William Wilson Scroggins - Medford Mugshots
William Wilson Scroggins. Added on Feb 14th, 2012*. A service of Monitor William Wilson Scroggins on ...

Don Scroggin - Find Beef Cattle, Except Feedlots in Vilonia ...
Find contact information for Don Scroggin or read and write detailed business reviews on Don Scroggin. Find similar Beef Cattle, Except Feedlots listings in ...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Summary (16 Feb 2012)

KM Manufacturing Achieves Coveted ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, Improving ...
MarketWatch (press release)
JKM General Manager Lex Scroggins [37185, fb] said JKM met with each department manager to go through every section that applied to them and have since implemented a training session for "new arriving employees to make sure they understand what we expect.

Gina Scroggins
BiographyBiography Biography
Gina Scroggins [43924] has served as the Director of SIG. Turnaround Schools in the area of School Support/. School Improvement for the Oklahoma State. Department ...

Featured felons of Montgomery County {OH], Feb. 17
Your Houston News
SCROGGINS, Kevin Wayne [tba]White/Male DOB: 08/21/1975Height: 6'00” Weight: 150 lbs.Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Warrant: # 120201578 Capias Forgery/Financial Instrument x 2LKA: Reynaldo, Spring.  ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [s/32282:K],Scroggins, Kenneth E.,, 85062114,unknown,12 Feb 2012,No cemetery-
    Click name for details,,
  • [34435],Scroggins, Rollie E. 'Ed',, 85083344,28 Nov 1945,23 Dec 2011,Mount Olivet Cemetery,Aurora,Kane County,Illinois, USA,107056,41.74000 -88.32360

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Summary (15 Feb 2012)

Teen's drive to succeed fosters memorial fundraiser
Plattsburgh Press Republican
Kelly said the community has been very generous and supportive of the fundraiser, which Glenn Scroggins [tba, fb], Kevin Jessey and Athena Angelos, along with other friends and family of Samantha's, have worked hard to make a success. The Donah family is still ...

Student success begins in the classroom
St. Louis American
Over 40 years ago these words were spoken to me by Mrs. Sara Scroggins [tba], Director of the Northside Reading Clinic in the St. Louis Public School System. She had asked me to join the International Reading Association
(IRA). She listened to my excuses as ...

Consumer Line: Welcome to tax season
Herald and News
Dillard, the tax partner at Klamath Falls accounting firm Molatore, Scroggin, Peterson & Co., said tax laws and deductions are subject to change year to year. If you're filing your own taxes and aren't up to date
on tax policy, you could be missing out ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [42834:P],Meaders, Maudy Pearl, Scroggin, 85004118,27  Jun 1911,23. Jan 1967,Kilgore Cemetery,Birdtown, Conway County,Arkansas, USA,54630,35.28140 -92.61220
  • [tba],Scroggins, Eva May,, 85034664,ca. 1882,3 May1912,Wesleyan Cemetery,Cincinnati,Hamilton County,Ohio, USA,44017,39.16000 -84.54690
  • [42869],Scroggins, Frances,, 85034674,unknown,29 Jul 1967,Wesleyan Cemetery,Cincinnati,Hamilton County,Ohio, USA,44017,39.16000 -84.54690

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Summary (14 Feb 2012)

Slidell chefs donning aprons for gumbo cook-off
... retro-rock band, “The Painted Hands,” featuring Dreux Lebourgeois on drums, Joshua Scroggins on rhythm guitar, Michael Pagones on bass and Joey Goedtel and Will Boler providing vocals; blues/swing artist Jonathan
Koeppel; vocal talent Erika Dupre; ...

Mark Scroggins
Mark D. Scroggins Sr. Obituary: View Mark Scroggins's Obituary by ...
Online death notice for Mark Scroggins [37397]. Read Mark Scroggins's life story, offer tributes/condolences, send flowers or create a Mark Scroggins online memorial.

Jeff Scroggins and Colorado CD Release Party!!! :
Please join Jeff Scroggins and Colorado as we celebrate the release of our debut self-titled CD at t...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Summary (13 Feb 2012)

Railroad workers sue UP claiming they were exposed to asbestos
Southeast Texas Record
Larry G. Moore, Raymond M. Edwards, Prince A. Hardin, Willie D. Scroggins [?], Robert L. Vineyard, Don L. Ward and Jerry G. Woody filed suit against Union Pacific Railroad Co. on Feb. 8 in the Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division.

Two Arrested on Meth Charges After Chase Through Creek
Police discovered Perry Scroggins [41369] and James Heck had been throwing meth making materials out the window. They're also being charged for a meth lab explosion that destroyed an Owensboro home. The two were sent to the hospital and then to the Vanderburgh ...

Mark Scroggins Sr. « Howell Funeral Home
Mark Scroggins Sr.[37397] -. Funeral Home: Howell Funeral Home West 4600 Liberty Heights Avenue Baltimore MD. 21207; ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [8491:H],Scroggins, Lloyd,, 84910404,1879,1901,Wright Cemetery,Findlay,Moultrie County,Illinois, USA,108967,39.54140 -88.71330

Summary (12 Feb 2012)

'Housewarming' at new hospital
Joliet Herald News
“Please keep in mind this is something we've got to call it every day,” physician recruitment and retainment director Molly Scroggins [48708:Q] said. Scroggins said robot names like “R2-D2” and “Wall-E” have been among the top suggestions, with “basics like ...

Late notices, Feb. 13, 2012
News-Press Now
BLUE EYE, Mo. — Kenneth E. Scroggins, 64, Blue Eye, formerly of Oregon, Mo., passed away February 12, 2012, at a Springfield, Mo. hospital.

Scroggins & Associates LLC - Counseling & Mental Health - Bowie, MD ...
Welcome to Scroggins & Associates LLC on Facebook. .>

Ashley Scroggin
Ashley Scroggin's Page - Mudder Nation
Ashley Scroggin's Page on Mudder Nation. ... Profile Icon. Ashley Scroggin [?, g+] is now a member of Mudder Nation  ...
My Story: Cheryl Scroggins - Welcome Dayton - Immigrant Friendly ...
Cheryl Scroggins [?, LI] Coordinator, Dayton Council on Health Equity Drafting member , Welcome Dayton Social Services and Health Services Sub-Committee ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [34574],Luckey, Nola May,Scroggins, 84858635,10 Mar 1912, 17 Sep 2003,Davidson Cemetery,Madison County,Tennessee, USA,11188,35.75420 -88.75860
  • [21077:M],Scroggins, Brenda K.,Phipps, 84859092,15 Feb 1948,18 Apr 1988,Salem Cemetery,Searcy,White County, Arkansas, USA,2310587,35.28472 -91.71164,[Duplicate of 5025709]

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Summary (11 Feb 2012)

'Promise made; promise kept:' Two Muncie fire stations re-open
Muncie Star Press
Bob Scroggins said he knows the importance of having adequate fire coverage from the Mock Avenue fire station. Scroggins, a retired lieutenant with the Muncie Fire Department, recalled his time as a firefighter working at the Mock Avenue station and ...>

Mcalester News Capital
Kelly D. Scroggins, 53, McAlester, pleaded guilty Feb. 1 to a charge of burning in drought emergency conditions. He was fined.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Summary (10 Feb 2012)

Tina Faith (Lunger) Scroggins
Tina Scroggins [Widow of 44615]| State of Illinois Obituaries
This entry was posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 at 12:33 am and is filed under Chrisman, Oakland. You can follow any responses to this entry through the ...

Crime & Courts
Tahlequah Daily Press
Megan Scroggins on Monday told police she had jewelry and $100 stolen from her residence.

Carmen Scroggins
Carmen Scroggin and Associates, Counselor, Dallas, TX 75230 ...
Carmen Scroggin and Associates provides counseling that meets the needs of those seeking to make positive, proactive change. We are a small group of ...

iTunes - Podcasts - Our House by Dr. Jimmy Scroggins
Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes for free from Our House by Dr. Jimmy Scroggins on the iTunes Store.
Anita Scroggins

Anita Scroggins's [tba, fb, fb] Page - CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration

Wayne Scroggins - State Farm Insurance Agent in Bradenton, FL -- Map, Phone Number, Reviews, Photos and Video Profile for Bradenton Wayne Scroggins ...

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  • [29565:E],Scroggins, Frances P.,, 84794203,1898,1984,Rockland Cemetery,Front Royal,Warren County,Virginia, USA,51914,38.98840: -78.13930
  • [29564:E],Scroggins, Gava M,, 84794171,1899,1972,Rockland Cemetery,Front Royal,Warren County,Virginia, USA,51914,38.98840: -78.13930

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Summary (9 Feb 2012)

Portland Jazz Master Thara Memory honors Miles Davis in ambitious program
They include Oregon Symphony principal, tubist Ja'Ttik Clark, Portland Opera violinist Peter Piazza and lead trumpeter Ben McDonald, bassist Ben Jones, drummer Israel Annoh, pianist Janice Scroggins [49237, fb], trombonists Stan
Bock and Dan Brewster, ...

A Harvard man in exchange for a song
... Kim Preminger, Katy Feldhahn, Deirdre Morgan, Amy McBrayer, Nina Farley, Julie Peacock, Amelia Fogg, Katie Byrne, Rachel Goodgold, Tom Lumpiasi, Justin Halle, Emmy Hauptman, Carl Legg, Julia Scroggin [tbc] and Allison Milch in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [tba],Scroggins, Jeanne Sue,, 84745320,10 Oct 1958,25 Nov 2001,Greenwood Cemetery,Montgomery,Montgomery County,Alabama, USA,23137,32.37110 -86.26170
  • [12193:M],Nelson, Martha. Scroggin, 71456547,8 Apr 1903,28 Jan 1956,Greenwood Cemetery,Montgomery,Montgomery County,Alabama, USA,23137,32.37110 -86.26170

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Summary (8 Feb 2012)

Tri-County African American Heritage Celebration
Southern Maryland Online
Ms. Kirsti Uunlia - Calvert County Department of Planning and Zoning Ms. Dorothea Smith and Ms. Webb- The African American Heritage Society of Charles County Mr. Nathaniel Scroggins [47478] and Dr. Janice Walthour – The Unified Committee for Afro- American ...

Antoinette Bing Scroggins [49161, fb] | LinkedIn
View Antoinette Bing Scroggins's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Antoinette Bing ...

The Morning Line, 2/8 (Big Blue Nation Edition) (blog)
Former Deputy Sports Editor Jennifer Scroggins [2461, fb] spent 11 years in the Enquirer sports department, where she edited a lot of stories, wrote a lot of headlines and formatted a lot of box scores. In 2010, she left behind
the glamour of working nights and ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [21205:M],Scroggins, Green R,, 84685023,15 Mar1866,16 Apr 1947,Marseilles Cemetery,West Point,Troup County,Georgia, USA,256817,
  • [35699],Scroggins, Homer D.,, 84672940,1934,2002,Parkhill Cemetery,Columbus.Muscogee County.Georgia, USA,36127,32.49158 -84.92257

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Summary (7 Feb 2012)

Eco Club promotes 'upcycling' at Lake Bluff Elementary
Lake Forester
Lucas Scroggins, a second-grader, opened a small plastic box containing apple slices. “It's usually apples,” he said, plucking one from the pack. Anything he has that isn't reusable, Scroggins said he is sure to
place in the cafeteria's recycling bins.

Carmen Scroggin
Carmen Scroggin and Associates, Counselor, Dallas, TX 75230 ...
Psychology Today: Carmen Scroggin and Associates, Counselor, Dallas, TX 75230, Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Are you looking for a place where you can discuss practical solutions for the problems you are facing?

James D. Scroggins (Author of Junkyard Jets)
James D. Scroggins is the author of Junkyard Jets (4.00 avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published 2011)

Sarah Scroggins
SarahVirginia23 - Twitter
Sign up for Twitter to follow Sarah Scroggins (@SarahVirginia23). I'm ready to conquer the ... SarahVirginia23 Sarah Scroggins. @. @PRINCEJORDANRAY ...

Monroe's Bayou Internet sold
Monroe News Star
Jerry Scroggin and his partner, Bob Holladay, have sold Bayou Internet of Monroe to Integrated Data Systems of New Orleans. Scroggin began the business as a community bulletin board system in 1990 before transforming it into a regional Internet service ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [tba],Hendley, Sybil, Scroggins, 84617774,5 Mar 1931,23 May 1999,Parkhill Cemetery,Columbus.Muscogee County.Georgia, USA,36127,32.49158 -84.92257
  • [47419],Scroggin, James Addis,, 84617952,9 Sep 1899, 1 Apr 1954,Rockwell Cemetery,Dunnellon,Marion County,Florida, USA,72531,29.06720 -82.47110
  • [tba],Scroggin, Nora B,, 84617923,29 Oct 1904,11 Jul 1978,Rockwell Cemetery,Dunnellon,Marion County.,Florida, USA,72531,29.06720 -82.47110

Monday, February 6, 2012

Summary (6 Feb 2012)

Regional briefs for 2-7-2012Troopers cite arson as cause of Carbondale ...
Scranton Times-Tribune
Prior to the start of the meeting, Vera Scroggins told Council President Tom Lamont that she intended to videotape. Mr. Lamont said he needed to check with legal counsel to see if that was allowed. Borough resident Lynn Senick provided Mr. Lamont with ...

Introducing Destiny - Danyelle Scroggins
In this story Danyelle Scroggins takes us on a journey into the lives of three young women, learning to commit, love, and truly forgive. It's a story that's is bound to ...>

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [21794:J],Scroggin,Fred A,, 84590786,1874,1919,Chenoa Cemetery, Chenoa,McLean County,Illinois, USA,1910814,40.74278 -88.70083
  • [tba],Scroggins, Mattie,, 84604410,1868,1940,Kingfisher Cemetery,Kingfisher,Kingfisher County,Oklahoma, USA,98761,35.85780 -97.95640
  • [s/9735:1],Scroggins, Samuel R.,, 84608373,25 Jun 1874,27  May 1959,No cemetery-Click name for details

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Summary (5 Feb 2012)

Woman Wanted for Murder in Corpus Christi Arrested in Brazos County
According to reports, Taylor's arrest follows a January 16th shooting in Corpus Christi that killed 55-year-old Floyd Scroggin [s/38925:K, see Summary (18 Jan 2012)] . Detectives questioned Taylor who was the only other occupant in the home at the time of the shooting.

Woman arrested on slaying charge
Bryan College Station Eagle
According to the Corpus Christi Caller Times, Taylor's boyfriend, Floyd Eugene Scroggin Jr., was shot in the neck on Jan. 16 and died. Investigators initially suspected that the shooting was a suicide, the
paper said. It's unclear what evidence tied ...

Scroggins, Deborah - Bio - C-SPAN Video Library
Scroggins, Deborah.[31793] CorrespondentAtlanta Journal-Constitution. C-SPAN BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY. TITLE, Events. Correspondent. Atlanta Journal- ...

Jeff Scroggins [tba.fb, fb] and Colorado ~ Kentucky Mandolin - YouTube
Tristan Scroggins  [tba, fb, fb] (Multi-state award winning mandolinist - now 17 years old) ...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Summary (4 Feb 2012)

Protest of mayor's 'hoodie' request planned
Topeka Capital Journal
No proposals regarding the matter are on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting, where Sonny Scroggins [36639, fb] of Bias Busters said he was urging residents -- by their mere presence -- to make a statement against what Bunten wants to do. Scroggins encouraged the ...

US Marshals Arrest Flour Bluff Murder Suspect in College Station
The victim, 55 year old Floyd Scroggin [tba] was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Detectives questioned Taylor who was the only other occupant in the home at the time of the shooting. After a thorough investigation, Homicide Detectives ...

Woman Arrested In Connection To Stingray St. Murder
KZTV Action 10 News
Police say Taylor was the only occupant in a home on the 500 block of Stingray Street on January 16 where police found 55-year-old Eugene Scroggin [tba] suffering from a gunshot wound. Scroggin was rushed to Spohn
Memorial where he was pronounced dead.

Scroggins v. State
OHIO. CHARLES I. SCROGGINS,. Petitioner-Appellant, vs.>

Michael Steven Scroggins II
Scroggins gets 24 years for reckless homicide - The Madison ...
Michael Steven Scroggins [50051] crashed into another vehicle on March 2, 2010, killing two of the
three passengers in the car. (Courier file photo by Evan Shields) ...

Terence Leon Scroggins [tba] - Grand Rapids Mugshots
All Charges Grand Rapids Mugshots. Michigan's second largest city: Grand
Rapids. People booked into the Kent County MI Jail are considered innocent
until ...

Athletic association to hold registrations
Concord Monitor
Jeff Scroggin [tbc], creator of The Love Letter, says, "Seventy percent of Americans do not have an estate plan. Failure to plan and a failure to provide basic information in virtually every case will create family conflict, cause the dissipation of assets ...

Dr. Sam Scroggins
Scroggins hangs up stethoscope - Business
Dr. Sam Scroggins [tbc]  will be retiring very soon after 39 years of practice as a family physician.

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [14460:S],Clifton, Mary Ann, Scroggins, 84500736,1866,1893,Beechwood Cemetery,Beechwood,Newton County,Arkansas,USA,,
  • [32591],Scroggins, Floyd L,, 84480033,10 Jan 1917,7 Aug 2001,Wieland Cemetery,Weiland,Hunt County, Texas, USA,,
  • [tbc],Scroggins, R. D.,, 84466581,unknown,unknown,Scroggins Cemetery,Fentress County,Tennessee,USA,,
  • [tbc],Scroggins, Samuel,, 84465063,unknown,unknown,Richards Cemetery,Grimsley,Fentress County,Tennessee, USA,,
  • [tbc],Woods, Mammie, Scroggins, 84459256,6 Dec 1911,22 Jul 1977,Pleasant Grove Cemetery,Calhoun County,Arkansas, USA,,

Friday, February 3, 2012

Summary (3 Feb 2012)

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [tba],Scroggins,Ben,, 84439533,1867,13 Nov 1925,Highland Cemetery,Kansas City,Jackson County,Missouri, USA,29293,39.08530 -94.47610
  • [tba],Scroggins,Elmer,, 84439451,unknown,17 Nov 1925,Highland Park Cemetery,Kansas City,Wyandotte County,Kansas, USA,92693,39.11390 -94.67500
  • [9773],Mahler,Dorothy J.,Jordens Scroggins, 84398572,15 Jan 1952,12 Aug 1988,Memorial Oaks Cemetery,Houston,Harris County,Texas, USA,5192,29.78190 -95.61500

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Summary (2 Feb 2012)

Claudia Mae Coleman
(Honey) Scroggins
Sister Claudia Mae Coleman Scroggins (Honey) Guest Book: sign ...
Online Guest Book for Sister Claudia Mae Coleman Scroggins (Honey) [tba]. ...

Anthony Scroggins | University of California, Santa Barbara ...
Anthony Scroggins's webpage on ... Anthony Scroggins [?]·
About · Recent Updates. Anthony followed the research interests: Discrimination, Group ...

Terence Leon Scroggins
TERENCE LEON SCROGGINS | Grand Rapids Arrests & Mugshots ...
TERENCE LEON SCROGGINS [tba]. Booking #: AKT1202148; Arrest Date: 02/02/ 2012; Sex: MALE; Race: BLACK; Age/DOB: 02/04/1986; Height: 509; Arresting ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [42174:&],Scroggins, Benson Russell,, 84372926,1935,21 Jul 2004.Oak Grove Cemetery,Paducah,McCracken County,Kentucky, USA,75345,37.08690 -88.62000,Plot: Addition Old Amer. Legion, Section A, Lot 94
  • [37149],Scroggins, Bill E.,, 84391127,11 Jan 1943,5 Jan 2003,Clovis Cemetery,Clovis,Fresno County,California, USA,7913,36.83640 -119.71190
  • [],Scroggins, John G,, 84365337,24 Sep 1912,27 Jan 1994,Brookside Memorial Park,Houston,Harris County,Texas, USA,2588,29.91330 -95.31250

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Summary (1 Feb 2012)

Ginn Scroggins from Ginn Scroggins & Assoc in Miami, FL 33156 ...
We have Ginn Scroggins listed as the Owner of Ginn Scroggins & Assoc, which is ... Data indicates Ginn Scroggins & Assoc has an annual revenue of less than ...

Trinity Mother Frances Opens South Broadway Avenue Clinic
Family medicine is provided by Dr. Ryan Mullins, Dr. John Scroggins, Dr. Andrea Ellis, Dr. David Martin and Dr. Kurt Nielsen. Internal Medicine providers are Dr. Kimberley Bryant and Dr. Kimberly Eakin Wegener.
Pediatric providers are Dr. Mark Barret; ...

Recently added to Find A Grave:
  • [46667],Scroggins, Don,, 84341344,28 Sep 1954,31 Dec 2011,Hillcrest Memorial Park,Bakersfield,Kern County California, USA,196077,35.38143 -118.90125